I rebloged this in my site…. >< beautiful story of CNBLUE… 😀 daebak 🙂


One of Korea’s most popular music artist, CNBLUE have had one of the most successful years anyone in the music or entertainment world all together would dream about.

Since the beginning, this group of four fresh faced men has sought out to take over the world with their genuine talent and their unique brand of music. CNBLUE had a very busy yet widely successful year attaining world star status, becoming a highly accomplished artist in part to their ability to multi task responsibilities, all the while striving for new levels of success.

In January, MTV, decided to feature CNBLUE on the live acoustic program ‘MTV Unplugged’ on January 31, 2012. MTV Unplugged is a music program that features intimate, acoustic live performance sets showcasing the artist in close contact with their fans. CNBLUE has been noted as being the first ever Korean artists to be featured on the program. For…

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